One of the most popular poker games for the traditionalists, Stud Poker is the game most often seen on televisions or movies played with 5 or 7 cards. This is a very accurate and must have game for multi-level math and player’s reading ability. While playing Seven Card Stud, each player receives two hole cards, one hole carded. After the entry and the betting round, the next three cards are dealt face up, with a round of betting after each. The last card is face down. The hand with the top five wins the pot.


You will find many theories about the origin of the game of poker. This name is derived from the French arcade game poque. Stud poker is a casino version of poker that is similar to a five-card stud. The only difference you will find is that instead of playing against other players, you will play against the house. This game does not include any kind of cheat tactic.

How to play

The player places his “ante” until the dealer declares “no more bets”. Each player, including the dealer, has dealt 5 hole cards. The Dealer will be able to turn his card after all players have looked at their respective cards. Discussions with other players at the table are not permitted. All players have to decide whether they want to withdraw or bet based on the cards the player owns or all the cards the dealer may have.

You need to ensure that you are not playing the ace with high hands, as the dealer will likely win your hand in most cases. The final decision and payment based on the traditional poker hand to determine the winner. You will find hundreds of Seven Card Stud Poker Strategies online. You can also view the training sites to learn about all the game techniques. Read some articles and guidebooks to learn more about how to play this game.

Thinking carefully about all the gate cards that appear on the poker table helps each player come up with a winning strategy. After analyzing the door cards, it is important to estimate how many each group is already out of reach. After looking at the numbers on the cards that come out. You need to look for hard-to-reach numbers.

Understand all aspects of the game you intend to play in order to have the best possible chance of winning the game at Look for the best chances to beat the dealer and win only then can you win this game.

So please pay attention to this game as you may lose this game if not played with proper strategy.

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